Rule and Regulation

VGFS Rule and regulation

  1. Introduction

1.1.        Virtual Government Flying Service (VGFS) is a non-profit Hong Kong based flight simulation group and VGFS is in no way affiliated with the real world Government Flying Service in Hong Kong SAR.

1.2.       It was established in 1 July 2003 which is a group of fellow flight simulator enthusiasts that enjoy simulating the missions and operations of search and rescue in Hong Kong SAR.

1.3.       VGFS is aimed to provide a platform and training for simulating virtual special flying operation.

1.4.       This document stated the requirements for carrying out all operation in VGFS.

1.5.        This rule and regulation is subject to change without notification.

  1. General Rule

2.1.       All Members must agree to abide by the rules and well understand our policy. Any member who fails to abide by the rules below, disciplinary action will be taken by executive committee according to the concerned VGFS rule and regulation.

2.2.      All Members must hold not more than one VGFS ID and must not disclose the password to anyone.

2.3.      Members should use legal software.

2.4.      Members should be courteous and respectful to others.

2.5.       Members are liable to disciplinary action if they:
(a) fail to observe any VGFS rule and regulations;
(b) misconduct themselves in any manner; or
(c) engage in activities or behavior which may bring VGFS into disrepute.

2.6.      All member must not disclose any VGFS internal document to non-members.

2.7.       Members should keep checking the latest version of VGFS rule & regulation

2.8.      Members must not make any behavior or activities on behalf of VGFS without permission.

  1. Structure of VGFS

3.1.       The founder of Virtual Government Flying Service (VGFS) is Gordon Lee.

3.2.      VGFS are operated by Executive Committee, consisting of several units and commanded by Controller.

3.3.      Executive Committee are formed by Controller, Unit Head and invited members.

3.3.1.     Administration – Responsible for the implementation of the rule & regulation, standard & quality, and general support issue.

3.3.2.    Operation & Training – Responsible for all operation and training matter.

3.3.3.    Engineering – Responsible for scenery development and aircraft development.

  1. Language

4.1.       Both English and Chinese are our primary language.

4.2.      All Member must communicate in English with virtual air traffic controller in any online flying operations.

  1. Members

5.1.        Minimum Requirement of VGFS Pilot Members

  • (a) is a flight simulator enthusiast.
  • (b) must be over the age of 13;
  • (c) must be able speak or write in both Chinese and English.
  • (d) must own a VATSIM ID / IVAO ID.
  • (e) declare any engagement in other virtual airline and show no conflict of interest to other parties (if any).

5.2.        Minimum Requirement of Non-Flying Members

  • (a) is a flight simulator enthusiast.
  • (b) must be over the age of 13

5.3.       All Membership Application is subject to approval by Member of Executive Committee.

5.4.       All Member must provide true, accurate, current and complete information for registration.

5.5.       Member who did not fly online more than 6 months, he/she will be considered as inactive member.

5.6.       Inactive Member may be terminated his membership without notification.

  1. Flying Operation

6.1.       All Members shall carry out all online virtual flying operation (flying operation) in compliance with corresponding network regulations and standards, and VGFS flying regulation (FT-001).

6.2.      All Members can be a Flight Commander.

6.3.      All flying operation in IVAO or VATSIM network are commanded by Flight Commander.

6.4.      For those flying operations involve more than a member at once, a Flight commander should be selected. Flight commander has responsible for the safe and effective conduct of the flying operation. He should make a primary plan decision, briefing to the members, coordinating with air traffic control for flight operation.

6.5.       If the online flying operation involves other than the normal operation procedure, this flying operation is considered as Special Operation and should obtain approval from Virtual Air Traffic Controller (if any) before action.

6.6.      All Member should coordinate with Virtual Air Traffic Controller (if any) for his aircraft.

6.7.       All Pilot should contact Virtual Air Traffic Controller (if any) before their flying operation.

  1. Training

7.1.        Examination is an essential part of promotion of any VGFS member. To be promoted to higher rank, pilots are required to accumulate flight hour, receiving training and pass tests.

7.2.       Except the special circumstance including real world rating scheme, IVAO /VATSIM pilot rating transfer scheme. All New Member are appointed as cadet pilot receiving the fundamental training.

7.3.       Real world rating scheme & IVAO /VATSIM pilot rating transfer scheme or experienced virtual pilot are subjected to approval by Executive Committee

7.4.       VGFS mainly provides helicopter training for flight simulation, such as fundamental knowledge, procedure, and radio communication

  1. Rank

8.1.       Rank Structure

Ranks Flying Hours Requirement
Controller – served by a member of executive committee.
Chief Pilot 900+ – Unit Head / Honor Staff
Senior Pilot 700+ – Staff.
Pilot I  (Div. 2) 500+
Pilot I  (Div. 1) 300+
Pilot II (Div. 2) 100+
Pilot II (Div. 1) 50+ – passed the flying examination or – IVAO Private Pilot (PP) qualification.
Cadet Pilot 0+ –         New Members.
Visiting Pilot – Request from other Official virtual special organization.
Grounded Pilot – No longer can fly as Virtual GFS member until further improvement.

8.2.    Initial Flying hours

8.2.1.     Previous hours from VATSIM /IVAO can be transferred to VGFS as your initial flying hour.

8.2.2.    VGFS credits the applicants with 70% of the IVAO flying hours ONLY if the pilot has already accumulated over 100 hrs on IVAO.

8.2.3.    VGFS credits the applicants with 70% of the VATSIM flying hours ONLY if the pilot has already accumulated over 100 hrs on VATSIM.

8.2.4.    Member who has both VATSIM / IVAO account shall request transfer previous hours from either one of accounts to VGFS.

8.2.5.    The maximum initial flying hour is 300 hr.

  1. Penalty

9.1.       Any member who fails to abide by the rules, disciplinary action will be taken by executive committee (i.e. Warning Letter, suspension of membership).

9.1.1.      If no improvement were made, the member may be removed from VGFS in the decision of the executive committee and listed as grounded pilot in our list.

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