VGFS Mission

The major responsibilities of the Virtual GFS is to simulate 24 hours emergency helicopter and fixed-wing flying support and operations. The area covers the majority of the South China Sea up to 400 nautical miles south of virtual Hong Kong in VATSIM & IVAO.

Tutorical : TC-01 How to start a mission in FSX

Search & Rescue


  • CASV0001a – Cheung Chau (CC04) – Eastern Pamela Youde Hospital (HK24) 
  • CASV0001b – Cheung Chau (CC04) – Wan Chai Heliport (HK07)
  • CASV0001c – Cheung Chau (CC04) – Tuen Mun Hospital (TL13)
  • CASV0001d – Cheung Chau (CC04) – GFS Dispersal (GFS)
  • CASV0002a – Peng Chau North (HK01) – Eastern Pamela Youde Hospital (HK24)
  • CASV0002b – Peng Chau North (HK01) – Wan Chai Heliport (HK07)
  • CASV0002c – Peng Chau North (HK01) – Tuen Mun Hospital (TL13)
  • CASV0002d – Peng Chau North (HK01) – GFS Dispersal (GFS)
  • CASV0003a – Lamma Yung Shue Wan (HK02) – Eastern Pamela Youde Hospital (HK24)
  • CASV0003b – Lamma Yung Shue Wan (HK02) –Wan Chai Heliport (HK07)
  • CASV0003c – Lamma Yung Shue Wan (HK02) – Tuen Mun Hospital (TL13)
  • CASV0003d – Lamma Yung Shue Wan (HK02) – GFS Dispersal (GFS)
  • CASV0004a – Hei Ling Chau (CC03) – Eastern Pamela Youde Hospital (HK24)
  • CASV0004b – Hei Ling Chau (CC03) – Wan Chai Heliport (HK07)
  • CASV0004c – Hei Ling Chau (CC03) – Tuen Mun Hospital (TL13)
  • CASV0004d – Hei Ling Chau (CC03) – GFS Dispersal (GFS)
  • CASV0005a – Hei Ling Chau Drug Addicts Centre (CC05) – Eastern Pamela Youde Hospital (HK24)
  • CASV0005b – Hei Ling Chau Drug Addicts Centre (CC05) –Wan Chai Heliport (HK07)
  • CASV0005c – Hei Ling Chau Drug Addicts Centre (CC05) –Tuen Mun Hospital (TL13)
  • CASV0005d – Hei Ling Chau Drug Addicts Centre (CC05) – GFS Dispersal (GFS)

Fire Fighting

  • F-001 –  Fire-fighting near Sha Tin (Ma On Shan Country Park)

Air Ambulance

Tactical police support
Airlifting loads and cargo
Airborne monitoring
Carriaging of VIPs and government passengers.


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