TC-04 Airspace Classification (中文)

香港管制區內有三種空域類別, 分別是Class A, Class C, Class G. 並設立Control Zone Area (CTR Zones) 及Uncontrolled airspace reporting Area (UCARAs), 所有虛擬機師須清楚了解及遵守向各空域限制,以下是從HKAIP 中的簡要,詳細請參閱

甲類空域(Class A)
(a.) 甲類空域一般位於各類空域最高層
(b.) 必須進行IFR 飛行
(c.) 須服從ATC指示及需得到ATC許可才可進入
(d.) 所有飛行器須保持安全距離

丙類空域(Class C)
(a.) 可進行IFR 和VFR飛行
(b.) 須服從ATC指示及需得到ATC許可才可進入
(c.) ATC 會提供飛行情服,讓各飛行器保持最低間隔

庚類空域(Class G)
(a.) 非管制空域
(b.) 不受ATC限制,但會提供飛行情報

除了在CTR ZONE和UCARAS空域外,在長洲 ‘CH’ DME 50 海哩以內,
空域類別            高度
Class A      8000ft 以上
Class C      2000ft – 8000ft
Class G     地面 – 2000ft

空域類別           高度
Class A         9000ft 以上
Class C        地面 – 9000ft

空域類別           高度
Class A             9000ft 以上
Class C          個別區域高度限制- 9000ft
Class G         地面 – 個別區域高度限制

在長洲 ‘CH’ DME 50 海哩以外
空域類別       高度
Class A       8000ft 或以上
Class G      8000 ft以下


進入各CTR Zones & UCARAs, 請參閱各空域之進出口及飛行限制,例如某些空域的進出口要求在某高度上飛行,或只限直昇機或雙引擎飛機通過, 詳情請參閱
CTR Zones & UCARAS 位置請參閱

TC-01 How to start a mission in FSX

Hey, I think you got a problem how to start our VGFS mission when you are reading this thread. Here we will illustrate step by step for playing our mission.

  1. Mission task is similar to the Free Flight mode but some additional objects added.
  2. Once you extract the .rar please place the “VGFS mission” folder into “FS Main Folder\Mission\”
  3. Place .fln in the “C:\Users\Your computer name*\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files”
  4. Start up your FSX
  5. Select “MISSION” you downloaded and Enable “Enable change in selected mission (no rewards given)”
  6. Click “Fly now”
  7. When you saw the mission is “Success”, don’t worry, click the “x” to cancel it.
  8. Our current mission will not give you any awards. It is used for adding additional object in FSX only. Select the aircraft as you like and choose your start location.
  9. Now you may start your mission.
  10. You may ask, how do you operate the hoist in Microsoft Flight Simulator X?
    That’s easy!
  • Ÿ   Ctrl Key + U Key – Extend or retract hoist arm
  • Ÿ   J Key – Lower hoist cable
  • Ÿ   K Key – Raise hoist cable
  • Ÿ   O Key – Attach or release hoist or sling hook