[2015/11/28] Promotion to Pilot II

Promotion to Pilot II

I am pleased to announce approval has given for Cadet Pilot Mr Kong Cheuk Hin [002] , Cadet Pilot to be promoted to the rank of Pilot II with effect from 28/11/2015. He has passed the PP exam at 16/11/2015 and helicopter flying examination at 28/11/2015.

[2015/04/01] Partnership with Virtual Oasis Hong Kong Airline

Partnership with Virtual Oasis Hong Kong Airline

We are pleased to announce establishment of a partnership with Oasis Hong Kong Virtual (VOHK) (Former: Virtual Oasis Asia Airline).

Virtual Oasis Hong Kong Airline is a famous Hong Kong-based Virtual Airline since 2011 which provides interactive flight simulation experience to the flight simmers.

In the future, Virtual Government Flying Service will hold an integrated online training centre with VOHK, to provide a platform to assist our pilot for VFR Flying in Hong Kong.

We are looking forward to having more events, partnerships, cooperation with VOHK. Thank you.